About Us

Etkiyap Girişim A.Ş., is a Turkish company that provides funding, measurement and strategic communication services for impact investments focused on innovation and technology.


Etkiyap Girişim (the “make an impact initiative” in Turkish) was founded in 2020 by Şafak Müderrisgil and Sertaç Yeltekin with the vision to ensure that impact investments become a choice of investment model in Turkey.

Şafak Müderrisgil

Founding partner

Şafak Müderrisgil, is an impact investor and entrepreneur that monitors and funds innovation- and technology-based sustainable investments and is the founding partner and Chair of the Executive Board of Etkiyap Girişim A.Ş. In addition to an ongoing career in the field of law for many years, Şafak has specialized in the areas of public policy, entrepreneurship, and philanthropy, as well as serving on the boards of several institutions operating in the UK and Turkey. Şafak completed her undergraduate and graduate studies in the field of private law at Ankara University's Faculty of Law, followed by a master's degree in public policy at Oxford University. She continues her research and development efforts independently in the field of designing, measuring, and managing social impact interventions as the Social Impact Lead at Development Analytics based in Oxford, England. She is the founder and Chair of the Impact Investing Platform “Etkiyap”.

Sertaç Yeltekin

Founding partner

Sertaç Yeltekin is the founder of Zingforce Ventures, a management and investment consultancy firm operating in Singapore, and manages its social enterprise funds and provides consultancy services. With 25 years of experience in the financial sector, Sertaç has taken on consultancy, management and board member roles in companies operating in fields such as fund management and capital markets. He is the executive-in-residence at the IMD Business School in Switzerland and a member of the Advisory Board at the SDA Business School of Bocconi University in Italy. Sertaç completed his high school education at Robert College and his university education in Political Science and Economics at Swarthmore College in the US. He continued his graduate studies in International Economic Relations(IER) at Johns Hopkins University and Boğaziçi University. He is the founder and Deputy Chair of the Executive Board of the Impact Investing Platform”Etkiyap”.


The purpose of Etkiyap Girişim is to provide funding, measurement and strategic communication services that will allow the implementation of the impact investment model in Turkey — a relatively new concept for the country but not for the world, having grown globally since 2015 and surpassing an investment volume of 715 billion dollars. Within this framework, Etkiyap Girişim has taken goals such as lobbying, training, impact measuring and financial resourcing as its basis to make and influence investment policies and regulations.

With impact investments, both within the context of development economics and by means of establishing public-private sector partnerships, providing services that the state is expected to fulfil and realizing  funding for innovation- and technology-based projects where the “impact” factor is the strategic focus is envisioned.


Etkiyap Girişim has become an initiative that combines the international investment and consultancy activities of its two founders under the same roof. This network of companies and activities that range from England to Italy, Turkey to Singapore and Korea lies within the scope of this structure. Activities such as investment funds consultancy and management, investment financing for entrepreneurs around the world, strategic management consulting for growing companies, financial resourcing, and strengthening corporate structures are carried out under Etkiyap Girişim and its sister organizations established in different countries.

One of our main objectives is to attract new investments on a Singapore-Istanbul axis, especially from Asia to Turkey, by ensuring that Asia takes a place in the Turkish market to the extent that it does in the global economy. Besides making retailtech, proptech and fintech investments in Turkey, Etkiyap Girişim also makes investments for virtual trade in Korea and China, and real estate investments in the UK, as it continues to expand its portfolio.


Etkiyap Girişim also operates under the Impact Investing Platform (“Etkiyap”) to develop the impact investing ecosystem in Turkey.

Impact investing is an important tool to draw investments from foreign investors to Turkey, as much as it is an investment model used to realize projects that create social and environmental impact in accordance with Sustainable Development  Goals (SDGs).

With a structure that pivots around inclusivity, transparency, and sustainability, Etkiyap is a platform that works to help individuals and institutions gain awareness about “impact investing” by cooperating with state institutions, public and private enterprises, universities, and other civil society organizations and to create an ecosystem for it through educational, awareness-raising, research and project designing activities. Etkiyap aims to raise individuals’ and institutions’ awareness about impact investing, create an impact investment ecosystem in Turkey in cooperation with stakeholders from various sectors, introduce and implement measurement metrics for impact investments and support information sharing and joint projects between organizations from the public and private sectors, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and universities via the annual Impact Investment Forum. Etkiyap closely follows the global impact investment agenda by continuing to cooperate with international stakeholders whose headquarters are located abroad.