Our Investments and SDGs


Worqcompany is positioned as a new generation, 360 degree service provider of SME’s in a transforming and digitizing economy. WorqCompany enables SME’s to lower operating costs and reduce their operational burdens.


PulpoAR is developing augmented shopping technology and AR commerce platforms forretail.


Park Palet is currently the only platform in Turkey for companies to reach operated warehouse space and fulfillment services online in a fast, flexible and efficient manner.


Navlungo classifies the offers received from hundreds of carriers on more than 3000 routes to their point of purchase within a minute by classifying them according to their needs in an organized and well-structured list.


Prof. Dr. Erdal and her team developed groups of cells that have organized themselves into organ-like structures to meet the clinical need for biomarkers to predict responsiveness to chemotherapy for cancer.